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Keeping your vehicle in peak shape doesn’t have to mean expensive shop bills and waiting around for repairs. Our articles and video tutorials will empower you to tackle all kinds of jobs – from fluid changes to part swaps – saving you money as an informed DIY mechanic.

In this section, you’ll gain indispensable knowledge covering all aspects of auto maintenance and repairs through detailed, illustrated guides. Learn how to troubleshoot issues, determine when to DIY or seek professional help, and perform repairs ranging from the quick weekend brake pad swap to more involved procedures like timing belt replacement.

With Nashvilleperformance as your virtual repair shop, you’ll gain confidence working on your own car. Our step-by-step walkthroughs clearly demonstrate proper procedures so you can safely complete repairs and learn marketable skills in the process. We want to provide you all the details and tips that pros know so you never again feel intimidated getting your hands dirty.

Beyond just repairs, our guides also focus on preventative maintenance that maximizes your vehicle’s lifespan and minimizes breakdowns. From decoding warning lights to changing fluids at proper intervals, learn how to understand what your car needs and when. Go beyond the basics with tips for spotting potential problems early through sound identification, monitoring wear patterns, and knowing manufacturer maintenance schedules.

While quality parts are critical, proper auto repairs also require using the right tools for the task. We help remove the guesswork from equipping your toolset with recommendations of essential tools for both the home and pro mechanic. Buy smart without wasting money on unnecessary gadgets and equipment.

Nashvilleperformance also provides unbiased reviews assessing the latest products that can simplify jobs, improve results, and upgrade your repair skills. Our tested recommendations identify the best ramps, stands, specialty tools, OBD2 scanners, torque wrenches, and more.

With our automotive advice and experience on your side, every mile will be smoother, cheaper, and more confident. So browse our maintenance and repair library today to gain knowledge that pays back the longer you own your vehicle.