Ford Mustang 2023

Ford Mustang 2023

The incredible bodywork and exceptional features of the Ford Mustang 2023 have always made them stand out in the sports category. We have seen these cars continue to evolve for the past 55 years, and every time they have shaken us with something new.


This time, yet again, we are in awe of its sharper and sleeker design. The addition of tail lamps and headlamps in the New Ford Mustang 2023 gives it a modern look. The new version of the Ford Mustang was revealed at the 2022 Detroit Motor Show, which gives us a hint that New 2023 Mustang will retain the V8 power and have an interior equipped with much more advanced technology.


The sleek and edgy design, advanced technology, and improved safety features are the major characteristics that most appeal to customers. Since they focused on incorporating more and better technology, Ford has cut down on retro design this time.

Engine and Transmission

The presence of the powerful 5.0-litre Coyote V8 gives the kind of driving experience that everyone wants to hit the road in. The dual-throttle body design and innovative dual air intake box reduce induction loss. The advanced technology engine gives a distinctive driving experience that you have never had before.


The fuel efficiency of a Mustang typically stays higher than 20 mpg. The new 2023 Mustang is equipped with a fuel-efficient engine, which can effortlessly deliver a mileage of 21 mpg in the city. Mustang 2023 makes 272 hp at 6500 rpm hp and at the same time gives 350 lb. -ft. at 3000 rpm of torque with its 2.3-litre Gas I4.


This fuel efficiency makes the car fun to drive and gives the driver full control of how the car behaves.


This time Ford Mustang offers a six-speed manual transmission with its 5.0-litre V8 engine. Not to forget, a 10-speed automatic transmission is also available in Mustang that shifts depending upon the drive mode that is selected. There’s also new cooling hardware incorporated in the Ford Mustang that includes powerful cooling fans, a more efficient radiator, and a transmission oil cooler.


The well-managed body of a Mustang, combined with its stability, allows it to perform very well even without summer tires. The effort you have to make to move the steering depends upon the selected driving mode.

The Design

The edgier design of Mustang 2023, as always, has grabbed the attention of many. Much of the design is the continuation of the true Mustang style. For instance, the upper grille design of this car is very similar to what was originally released in the 1960s. Similarly, the Mustang 2023 is equipped with tri-bar LED headlights that give it the classic signature look. The frontal width of the car is more emphasized with the horizontal brow across the front.


The roofline is kept not only sleek but also optimized such that the driver can easily enter and leave the car without having to remove the helmet. It is also equipped with a modified diffuser that helps maintain aerodynamic balance in the rear. They are further enhanced by the installation of hood vents and modification of the front splitter.


Overall, you will see a uniqueness in the design that will be much differentiated from the previous models. The car is designed to give better power and performance with increased comfort.

Interior and Comfort

We are totally awe-struck with the technologically advanced interior of the seventh-generation Mustang. On having the first look, you will quickly understand it has a jet-like cockpit. Apart from that, there are two displays as well that the driver can control to see whatever he wants.


We can say that Ford has equipped the car with more technology after getting inspired by modern cars. They themselves say that displays and technologies in Ford Mustang 2023 are specifically on the request of younger buyers. Considering this, they had to remove the ‘double brow’ dashboard to bring a big display.


Everything is thoughtfully placed in the car. The adjustments between the driver’s seat and steering are enough for the drivers to find a comfortable position. As the brand claims, you will get the most luxury inside the car than ever.


There is a digital instrument cluster in the 2023 Mustang interior that you can customize to view various drive-mode-dependent visuals and animated designs. The Unreal Engine 3D creation tool we see in advanced video games is used in the Mustang, where the setup can be visualized on the center stack. You can change the settings just as in the game style by swiping the graphics.


To improve the overall look of the 2023 Mustang interior, Ford has used a different material and equipped the car with various elements that better go with the design of the car. Everything in its interior is significantly boosting the look.

Pricing and Release Date

The new Mustang 2023 is likely to be offered in both convertible and coupe form and is expected to go on sale in the summer of 2023. It will have an estimated starting price of $29,000, and it can range up to $55,570. However, the production is believed to start in the last week of November 2023.

Safety Features

Considered a sports car, the 2023 Ford Mustang has several safety features like blind-spot monitoring, active lane control, automatic high beams, and automatic emergency braking. It has a rightly startling forward collision warning.


The car got only an “Acceptable” score in a small-overlap test for which it is labeled as ‘Good’ by IIHS. However, NHTSA has given it a five-star rating for crash testing.

In Conclusion

Overall, the New Mustang 2023 is a fast and stable car that makes hitting the road lots of fun. The presence of active exhaust gives a unique and amazing sound while you run a Mustang on the road. With that said, we are expecting the arrival of the seventh-generation 2024 model Mustang with a much upgraded interior and evolutionary style. Updated safety technology and much better infotainment are expected in the upcoming 2024 Mustang.