Suspension- car performance tuning

The suspension allows to make in part the road holding of your car ,it ensures the contact between the wheels and the ground. It connects the suspended masses to the non- suspended masses. There are several types, and it is composed of several elements.

Suspension- car performance tuning

  • Shock absorber: Absorbs and dissipates the energy of shocks and road imperfections
  • Spring: It allows to press the wheel against the ground and to suspend the car

Different suspension/ shock absorber systems exist for car performance tuning, we wont be able to present them all in this article: rigid axle, leaf springs, torsion bar, double wishbone…

Everything can be changed independently:

  • Putting sports shock absorber will allow to have a better road handling, a firmer car with an increase of the hardness in compression as well as an often more dynamic rebound
  • Changing the springs to short springs will lower the center of gravity of the car, thus reducing the roll of the car. However, you have to be careful not to lower the center of gravity too much, otherwise the shock absorber will not work in the range of travel which for which they were originally designed. It is also possible to change the material of the spring, or to have non- linear springs.
  • Putting thread handsets, seems the most complete choice, the most suitable but also most expensive.

The cheapest solution to improve car performance tuning, the style of your car but also its handling seems to be short springs.

Many manufacturers offer them, with different discounts. I f you want to mount them on original shocks. We can advice you not to take too low.

These short springs are generally a little harder than original ones. The resulting lowering will reduce the height of the car’s center of gravity, thus increasing road holding, with less roll in curves.



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