Modification and electronic box [best obd2 scanner for bmw]

With the arrival of electronics, all manufacturers have adopted the OBD (Onboard diagnostics) standard. This is a diagnostic plug that allows anyone with the right tools to plug in and read or even modify certain parameters. Today we will find out best obd2 scanner for BMW!

So, We advise you to buy an ELM327 OBD2. It is a small box that you can find for about 20$ on the Internet. It is especially valuable for German-made cars, such as BMW, AUDI, Volkswagen, and so on, due to their electronic specifics. So, for the best OBD2 scanner for BMW this is a great choice. It plugs directly into the diagnostic socket, and you will be able to see the values of the sensors of your car and read and erase the defects, on your phone via an application. In case of a problem, you can easily identify it without having to use the manufacturer’s case, and therefore save hundreds of dollars.


Throttle box/ PedalBox

These boxes are connected directly to your accelerator pedal. They allow a different driving experience, with the possibility of modifying the response of the pedal. Different modes are selectable to suit your needs or desires.

They give the impression of better recovery and responsiveness, so you feel like you are accelerating faster, without changing the torque of engine power.

These boxes are not dangerous, specific to each engine, and most users are very satisfied. If you don’t feel like constantly pushing your pedal hard, if you haven’t had your car reprogrammed or if your tuner hasn’t changed your throttle mapping enough, this box seems to be a good and inexpensive alternative.

Best obd2 scanner for BMW

Additional housings

It connects to one or more of your car’s sensors and is supposed to give you extra power by changing certain parameters (usually the amount of fuel injection).

These boxes contain generic programs, which are not optimized for your vehicle, and even if it can give you a slight power gain it is not the best for your engine.

Moreover, the announced gains are never reached.

If you want to increase the performance, by playing on the electronics and the program of your vehicle, it is better to go through a tuner, who will analyze the state of your car, its mileage, and its maintenance and who will develop a program to measure, with test on bench, and will be able to provide you with figures as well as curves on the gains.

The preparers

The job of the tuner is to modify your vehicle, it can be performance or design modifications (interior and/or exterior).

For the engine, it is often proposed:

Stage 1: Reprogramming of the computer with a power increase

Stage 2: Direct intake 2intake/Dynamics/ Sport Air filter + Exhaust after catalyst + Dump Valve + Exchanger

Stage 3: Stage 3parts +2 Big turbo + Decatalyser

Stage 4 and +: Stage parts + High flow 3 injectors + reinforced clutch, forge engine internals.

The tuners have their own engine engineers, to guarantee personalized development, with a gain in performance and engine reliability in all circumstances. They also have their own technicians, to be able to offer you periodic maintenance operations or the installation of performance parts.

Best obd2 scanner for BMW


Reprogramming aims to increase the engine’s performance by increasing its efficiency and also to reduce fuel consumption.

The electronic control unit (ECU), controls the whole engine. Reprogramming consists of modifying the internal programs of the ECU via a computer, such as fuel injection, ignition, knocking, richness, air flow, etc..

Thus, after tests and measurements on a test bench, the tuner can intervene on several parameters such as: the speed, the turbo pressure, the opening of the injectors, the richness, the intake and exhaust temperatures, etc..

Programming is a profession. Ask around and go to trusted centers, which are known, which will be able to accompany you and provide you with guarantees.

Conclusion about best obd2 scanner for bmw

So there are a multitude of operations, modifications and customizations to be made, depending on what you want to achieve and your budget.

Don’t do it if you don’t feel up to it or if you don’t have the tools to do it. Calling in a professional can save you time, trouble and damage to your car.

And if you are looking for OBD2 scanners, especially for German cars, like, the best OBD2 scanner for BMW– search for ELM327.


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